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Charles Lubin Company, Inc. is constantly adding new styles to its extensive collection of fine quality silk flowers in the current season's popular fashion colors. This page will be updated as new designs or fashion items are added. Please check it regularly. Most items on this page are in stock for immediate delivery, other items are currently in production for the coming season. For the fashion industry we try to work one to two seasons in advance. This gives us time to make special colors or alterations to the style for individual manufacturers, including item protection from their competitors.

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Style 9999

Picture of factory about 1920s

Style 9998

Picture from factory early 1900's

Style 9219

Velvet Vintage Leaf Spray

Style 3910

Pansy Cluster by 3 artifical flower  millinery supply trim

Style 3909

Pansy Spray millinery supply trim

Style 3633

Silk Rose Petal Wreath 15 inches hat trim or bridal

Style 3458

Rose Leaf Spray

Style 3457

Velvet Pepper Leaf Spray

Style 3456

Lily by 2 double petal for Bridal &  Millinery

Style 3455

Rose with 4 velvet petals

Style 3454

Large Marigold  Head

Style 3453

Small Maragold head

Style 3452

Rose with Peps in center

Style 3451

Rose with Stones in center

Style 3450

Hanging Sweet Pea on Tubing

Style 3449

Summer Blossom by 6 Organdy

Style 3448

Summer Blossom by 5 Satin

Style 3447

Crepe Silk Rose Leaf Spray

Style 3445

Silk and Organdy Mum

Style 3443

Rose with Lace  6 1/2 inches

Style 3442

Blossom With Feathers hat trim or wedding flower

Style 3441

Phalaenopsis Orchid Wreath by 7 with buds & tubing  hat trim or bridal bouquet

Style 3440

Cymbidium Orchid Wreath by 4  flower pin or bridal

Style 3439

Satin silk, Organdy and Velvet Rose from Thailand  hat trim

Style 3438

Flat Rose with crinkled center from Thailand dress trim

Style 3436

Silk Rose hat  or dress trim

Style 3435

Silk & Velvet Rose dress or hair  trim

Style 3434

Silk & Velvet Cococup millinery hat trim

Style 3433

Silk & Brocaded material Rose & buds  mother of the bride flower pin

Style 3432

Large Silk & Velvet Rose with tubing flower pin accessory

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