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Charles Lubin Company, Inc. is constantly adding new styles to its extensive collection of fine quality silk flowers in the current season's popular fashion colors. This page will be updated as new designs or fashion items are added. Please check it regularly. Most items on this page are in stock for immediate delivery, other items are currently in production for the coming season. For the fashion industry we try to work one to two seasons in advance. This gives us time to make special colors or alterations to the style for individual manufacturers, including item protection from their competitors.

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Style 703

Velvet Mini Wreath for hair accessory

Style 720

Gardenia  hair  accessory

Style 909

Small Pansy Cluster hat trim

Style 2586

Silk Rose hat trim

Style 2703

Small Silk Rose hat trim

Style 2726

Large Velvet & Organdy Rose for bridal

Style 2730

Violet Bunch hat trim

Style 2741

Crepe Rose hat trim

Style 2766

Cotton Rose millinery supply

Style 2768

Silk Rose By 3 hat trim

Style 2794

Velvet Rose & Bud hat trim

Style 2795

Silk & Organdy Rose hat trim

Style 2801

Large Flat Silk Rose for dress manufacturer

Style 2816

Cotton Rosebud

Style 2822

Velvet Lilac By 6 hat trim

Style 2823

Mixed Flower Cluster hat trim

Style 2825

Velvet Violet Cluster hat trim

Style 2840

Velvet Blossom By 3 hat trim

Style 2882

Silk Rose hat trim

Style 2886

Velvet Daisy  hat rim

Style 2892

Velvet Flat Rose hat trim

Style 2893

Velvet Rose & Bud hat trim

Style 2894

Satin & Organdy Rose for dress manufacturer

Style 2931

Velvet Poppy hat trim

Style 2957

Large Silk & Organdy Rose hat trim or bridal

Style 2971

Satin Poppy millinery supply

Style 2979

Small Velvet Rose hat trim

Style 2982

Large Silk Rose hat trim

Style 2990

Velvet Daisy by 3 & Forget me Nots millinery supply

Style 2991

Velvet Forget Me Not Spray millinery supply

Style 2997

Cluster of Silk & Velvet Blossoms/Forget Me Nots hat trim

Style 3001

Two Color Velvet Rosebud hat trim

Style 3005

Micropeach Rose home d

Style 3028

Magnolia  hat trim

Style 3031

Blossom By 2 With Buds for millinery

Style 3032

Two Large Velvet Blossoms  hat trim

Style 3033

Large Short Stem Poppy millinery suooly

Style 3039

Large Silk & Organdy Cup Shaped Rose hat trim

Style 3042

Flat Velvet Flowers With Peps for head bands

Style 3050

Beaded Raspberry  home d

Style 3044

Mini Wreath hair accessory

Style 3051

Open Velvet Rose/Pep Center millinery supply

Style 3053

Large Velvet Rose millinery supply

Style 3054

Silk & Velvet Blossom by 10 on Tubing  hat trim

Style 3055

Silk & Organdy Blossom By 10 & 3 Leaves hat trim

Style 3061

Silk & Velvet Blossom With Tubing  for millinery

Style 3062

Silk & Velvet Rose/Tubing for millinery

Style 3083

Edelweiss  for childrens dresses

Style 3086

Silk & Velvet Rose by 5 hat flower

Style 3090

Velvet Raisins by 12 with 2 Leaves display flower

Style 3091

Velvet Nuts by 3 with Leaf display flower

Style 3092

Mini Velvet Rosebuds by 10 floral trim

Style 3106

Velvet & Organdy Blossom/Sparkles for hat trim

Style 3107

Primrose Bunched by 12 millinaery supply

Style 3112

Velvet Grape Cluster interior design

Style 3118

Small Short Stem Wired Fabric Blossom for home d

Style 3119

Large Short Stem Wired Fabric Blossom for home d

Style 3120

Double Petal Two Tone Silk Rose  millinery supply

Style 3125

Open Velvet Rose hat trim

Style 3129

Cup Shaped Silk Rose millinery supply

Style 3130

Open Silk & Velvet Rose millinery supply

Style 3131

Organdy & Silk Blossom with Pep Center for bridal

Style 3132

Velvet Blossom Spray floral trim

Style 3134

Large Velvet Blossom With Bud foor millinery supply

Style 3135

Velvet Blossom hat trim

Style 3136

Hard Short Stem Micropeach Rose for interior design

Style 3137

Small Rosebud By 3 floral trim

Style 3142

Large High Count Rose for home d

Style 3145

Giant Pansy floral and gift vendors

Style 3146

Organdy Rose for dress manufacturers3

Style 3147

Velvet Blossom By 2 for millinery

Style 3148

Flat Open Velvet Blossomfaux flowers for hat trim

Style 3150

Satin & Velvet Blossom hat trim

Style 3152

Velvet Grapes millinery supply trim

Style 3158

Feathered Flower for fascinators

Style 3159

Large Open Silk & Velvet Rose with 4 Buds for millinery and weddings

Style 3160

Silk Open Rose for the bridal

Style 3162

Silk Rose with Tubing Pep Center bridal

Style 3163

Twin Center Rose silk ffor bridal

Style 3164

Silk Peony Blossom silk floral supply or bridal

Style 3165

Two Tone Blossom with Tubing for dress manufacturers

Style 3166

Velvet Sunburst Blossom hat trim

Style 3172

Open Weave Rose millinery supply

Style 3173

Medium Open Weave Rose for floral and gift vendors

Style 3174

Orchid By 2 with 2 Buds  floral supply

Style 3175

Short Stem Silk & Organdy Rose with 3 Leaves for millinery supply

Style 3176

Rose Spray floral supply

Style 3177

Wreath with 2 Large Blossoms & 6 Small Onesfor hair accessory

Style 3178

Pansy by 6 with leaves

Style 3179

Silk & Organdy Blossom Spray by 5 with Pearl Peps for bridal

Style 3182

Silk & Organdy Blossom Rhinestones & Tubing for bridal

Style 3184

Poppy silk floral accessory

Style 3185

Velvet Strawberry Spray By 8 for millinery and hair

Style 3186

Velvet Blossom By 3 floral supply

Style 3187

Silk Rose By 4 for bridal

Style 3189

Strawflower Bunch By 12 for gift accessory

Style 3192

Velvet Rose with Glitter Edge for hat trim

Style 3195

Blossom By 2 and 2 Buds hat trim

Style 3196

Velvet & Organdy Blossom By 2 hat trim

Style 3197

Satin Blossom By 6 with Pep Centers hat trim

Style 3198

Pointed Velvet Blossom By 6 hat trim

Style 3199

Double Petal Two Tone Rose flower pin

Style 3201

Large Velvet Blossom with 2 Buds hat trim

Style 3204

Flat Velvet Rose By 2 headband accessory

Style 3205

Velvet,Satin and Crepe Rose hat trim

Style 3206

Short Stem Velvet Rose hat trim

Style 3208

Silk Blossom By 3 for children's dresses

Style 3209

Blossom Bunch By 12 millinery supply trim

Style 3210

Silk Blossom and 3 Buds bridal or hair accessory

Style 3211

Velvet and Silk Blossom hair accessory

Style 3213

Multi Shaded Blossom hair or hat trim

Style 3214

Silk and Organdy Violet Pompon hat trim

Style 3215

Large Silk Rose basic millinery supply trim

Style 3216

Leather Blossom Strip Center handbag trim

Style 3217

Leather Blossom with Pep Center for the handbag manufacturor

Style 3218

Flat Leather Blossom  headband accessory

Style 3219

Leather Rosehandbag trim

Style 3220

Lily Cluster By 3 display

Style 3221

Curly Center Silk Rose bridal or hat trim

Style 3224

Bird Of Paradise flower pin

Style 3225

Antherium hat trim

Style 3226

Orchid By 2 hat trim

Style 3227

Velvet Bi-colored Daisy headband flower

Style 3228

Velvet Blossom with Organdy Center hair accessory trim

Style 3230

Flat Velvet & Organdy Blossom Pep Center hair accessory

Style 3231

Tri-Colored 5 Stem Flower hat trim

Style 3233

Organdy & Velvet Blossomhat trim

Style 3234

Silk Rose By 2 with 2 Buds hat trim

Style 3235

Pointed Velvet & Organdy Blossom hat trim

Style 3237

Large Velvet & Organdy Blossom hat trim

Style 3239

Velvet & Cotton Blossom By 6 the hat designers dream

Style 3240

Silk & Organdy Blossom church hat flower

Style 3241

Large High Count Rose children;s dresses

Style 3242

Silk Starburst Flower hat trim

Style 3243

Silk Poppy head band trim

Style 3244

Open Silk Rose Pep Center church hat floer

Style 3245

Silk Blossom By 2 with a Bud  church hat flower

Style 3246

Silk Camellia millinery supply trim

Style 3247

18 Forget Me Nots with a Blossom  for the hat maker or bridal

Style 3248

Velvet Lily Of The Valley millinery supply trim

Style 3249

Two Tone Velvet Blossom for hat trim

Style 3251

Ranunculus for children's dresses

Style 3252

Medium High Count Rose children's dresses

Style 3253

Large High Count Rose children;s dresses

Style 3254

Sunflower handbag trim

Style 3255

Twin Magnolia for flower pins or bridal

Style 3256

Large Rose millinery flower

Style 3257

Gardenia Bouquet for manufactors of little girl dresses

Style 3258

Rose & Bud special flower pin

Style 3260

Velvet Calla Lily for the serious hat maker

Style 3261

Two Tone Silk Poppy  for party girl dresses

Style 3266

Velvet Lily winter hat trim

Style 3267

Velvet & Organdy Rose hat trim

Style 3268

Velvet & Organdy Chrysanthemum millinery supply trim

Style 3269

Velvet & Organdy Magnolia hat trim

Style 3270

Velvet & Organdy Blossom  hat trim

Style 3271

Velvet & Organdy Blossom By 2 millinery supply trim

Style 3274

Velvet Poppy hat trim

Style 3275

Velvet & Organdy  Blossoms 2 buds hat trim

Style 3276

Double Petal Velvet Blossom hat trim

Style 3277

Camellia for floer girl dress

Style 3278

Small Silk Rose w/ Tubing hat trim orbridal or flower girl

Style 3279

Silk Rosebud hat trim

Style 3280

Large Flat Rose flower pin or bridal

Style 3281

Soft Velvet Rolled Blossom w/pin handbag trim

Style 3282

Imitation Leather Flower handbag trim

Style 3285

Velvet Violet Cluster millinery supply trim

Style 3287

Velvet Rose Bud by 2 with Forget-me-nots hair accessory

Style 3288

Velvet Rose and F-M-N

Style 3289

Velvet Lily with Silver Glitter hat trim

Style 3290

Velvet & Organdy Hydrangea Cluster hair accessory

Style 3291

Glass Silk Blossom for children's dresses

Style 3292

Velvet Orchid for millinery

Style 3293

Silk Rose Spray by 7 children's dresses

Style 3296

Large Silk Open Rose hat trim

Style 3297

Rose By 2  hat trim

Style 3298

Rosebud By 5 special occasion suit or dress

Style 3299

Daisy By 2 With Bud flower girl dresses

Style 3301

Small Velvet Rose hair accessory

Style 3302

Satin Rose children's dresses

Style 3303

Velvet Primrose millinery supply trim

Style 3304

Flat Velvet Blossom By 2 great hat trim

Style 3305

Velvet & Organdy Rose for dress

Style 3306

Pointsetta hat trim or pins

Style 3308

Feather Chrysanthemum fascinator

Style 3311

Blossom by 4 with Tubing bridal flower

Style 3312

Sunburst Blossom handbag trim

Style 3313

Silk & Velvet Rose dress or hair  trim

Style 3314

Silk & Organdy Dahlia for dresses

Style 3315

Bing Cherry Cluster flower pins

Style 3316

Silk & Velvet Blossom

Style 3317

Velvet & Organdy Orchid millinery supplies

Style 3318

Silk & Organdy Lily pins or gift industry

Style 3319

Large Rose church hat or bridal

Style 3320

Two Color Rose millinery supply  flower

Style 3321

Small Lilly hat trim

Style 3322

Velvet Blossom hat trim

Style 3323

Large Rose & Bud for the dressy dress for children

Style 3324

Silk Small Poppy for childrens head bands

Style 3325

Azeala By 2 & Bud hat trim

Style 3326

Camellia for children's dresses

Style 3328

Wild Rose  millinery supply trim

Style 3330

Peony dress manufactor item

Style 3331

Feather & Fabric Mum fascinator

Style 3332

Bi-Color Daisy hat trim

Style 3333

Velvet Blossom with Feathers  hair accessory

Style 3334

Silk & Organdy Blossom By 3 with Feathers for a floral or gift vendor

Style 3335

Small Orchid children's head bands

Style 3336

Crepe Rose hat trim

Style 3337

Large Orchid 2 Leaves flower pin

Style 3338

Silk Blossom & Feathers fascinator

Style 3339

Tartan Orchid  flower pin

Style 3340

Silk & Velvet Orchid by 2  fascinator

Style 3342

Flat Velvet Blossom By 2 great hat trim

Style 3343

Blossom by 3 with Tubing floral trim

Style 3345

Camellia artificial flower for flower girl or bridal

Style 3346

Pointed Blossom With Pearls & Feathers  dress, hat or hair accessory

Style 3347

Velvet Rose with Rhinstones millinery supply

Style 3348

Velvet & Organdy Blossom for millinery

Style 3350

Large Lily floral supplies

Style 3351

Large Rose for bridal

Style 3352

Rose bridal flower

Style 3353

Very Large Rose for bridal

Style 3356

Blossom By 3 with Ribbons bridal flowers

Style 3357

Ribbon and Lace Blossom floral trim or bridal

Style 3358

Velvet Orchid for millinery

Style 3360

Pin-Wheel Two Color Blossom hat trim

Style 3361

Silk Blossom with Pressed Edges millinry supply

Style 3362

Glass Silk Blossom & Feathers fake flower

Style 3363

Small Starburst Flower silk floral supply

Style 3364

Silk Blossoms with Hanging Blossoms bridal flower

Style 3365

Velvet Blossom with Pin good for handbags and dresses

Style 3366

Double Fabric Petal Blossom dress manufactures dream

Style 3367

Rose & 2 Buds choice of silk floral suppliers, mother of the bride

Style 3368

Rose & Orchid Spray to be displayed on your favorite suit or bridal bouquet

Style 3369

Butterfly Orchid gift industry

Style 3370

Orchid very real looking but a fake flower

Style 3371

Velvet & Organdy Daisy & Buds,Matching leaves can be shipped worldwide

Style 3383

Edelweiss By 6 floral trim perfect for bridal bouquet or flower girl dress

Style 3910

Pansy Cluster by 3 artifical flower  millinery supply trim

Style 3372

Velevt Forget-Me-Not Wreath hat trim

Style 3379

Two Blossoms with Feather perfect for a Fascinator

Style 3380

Lace Blossom bridal flower

Style 0

Single Velvet Leaves for Millinery

Style 3373

White Eyelet Rose spring delight dress manufactures

Style 3374

Rolled Silk Rose & 2 Buds beautiful floral silk supply or bridal

Style 3375

Blossom with Tulle  bridal flower

Style 3377

Velvet & Organdy Mum hat trim or hair accessories

Style 3378

Brocade Rose & Bud stunning for millinery or bridal

Style 3381

Organdy Blossom and Feather great for flower pin

Style 3384

Velvet Blossom By 6 millinery supply or hair accessory

Style 3385

Silk Buds on Tubing for millinery and bridal

Style 3386

Wild Rose with Hanging Buds.millinery supply or bridal

Style 3387

Double Petal Cactus Flower home d

Style 3388

Giant Velvet Pansy gift industry

Style 3105

Large Double Petal Cabbage Rose for millinery

Style 3393

Beaded Daisy Spray hat trim

Style 3394

Beaded Blossom with hanging strands

Style 3395

Crochet Rose for baby hat or handbag trim

Style 3396

Camellia with lace & rhinestones hair accessory or floral pin

Style 3390

Velvet & Organdy Rose with beads for bridal or hair accessory

Style 3397

Camellia with lace rhinestones and hanging buds artificial  flower for hat trim or dress manufacotring

Style 3398

Peony with rhinestones bling for the bridal trade

Style 3399

Rose with Lace and Forger Me Nots wedding flower for mother of the bride

Style 3400

Rose by 2 with stones lovely on a ladies suit dress manufactures

Style 3401

Rolled Silk Rose & 2 Leaves delicate silk floral

Style 3355

Velvet Mixed Flower Bouquet

Style 3354

Multi Layered Blossom with Pin

Style 731

Silk Poppy for hat trim or dress manufacturer

Style 784

Silk Freesia by 5  -- fine textile crafted in Germany for home d

Style 913

Phlox Blossom -- handcrafted in Czechoslovakia millinery supply

Style 1568


Style 3

98123 Poppy Bud Made in Gremany millinery supply

Style 4

98124 Poppy Bud made in Gremany millinery supply

Style 3403

3 Dimensional Bridal Satin Rose for children's dresses or bridal

Style 3404

Gardenia for hair accessory or bridal

Style 3909

Pansy Spray millinery supply trim

Style 2587

Large Rose and Bud interior design

Style 2846

Large Rose and Bud interior design

Style 3057

Large Velvet Leaf millinery supply trim

Style 3405

Velvet & Feather Pad with Rhinestones good for fascinators

Style 3406

Velvet & Feather Pad  good hat trim

Style 3407

Large Leaves Heavy Velvet Material millinery hat trim

Style 3408

3 pointed and 4 round leaves Heavy Velvet Material hat trim

Style 3409

5 Leaves & 3 Buds Heavy Velvet Material hair accessory

Style 3410

Peony Blossom for children's dresses or hair accessory

Style 3411

Large Sheer Organdy Blossom wedding dresses or children's head bands

Style 3412

Large Double Petal Silk Stylized Sunflower perfect for flower pins

Style 3413

Course Weave Fabric Corsage Blossom hat trim or hair accessory or flower girl

Style 3414

Course Weave Fabric Daisy by 2 with feathers  fascinator waitong to be made

Style 3415

Large Blossom with Sequins & Rhinestones perfect flowr pin

Style 3416

Orchid By 2 with Feathers & Tubing hair combs

Style 3417

Orchid with Pony children;s hair accessory

Style 3418

Mountin Rose with Salon Clip hiar accessory

Style 3419

Rose with 8 hanging buds millinery hat trim or bridal

Style 3420

Hydreangea Cluster Velvet for children's dresses

Style 3422

Silk Blossom hair accessory

Style 3423

Black & White Felt Blossom hat trim

Style 12

Velvet Leaf Spray 9208 hat trim

Style 7

Velvet Leaf Spray 9914 hat trim

Style 8

Velvet Leaf Spray 9208

Style 3424

Velevt Rose Leaf Spray from Thailand hat trim

Style 3121

Velvet Ivy Leaf  floral trim

Style 30

Velvet Ivy Leaf Made in Japan Vintage  hat trim

Style 1281

Velvet Leaf Made in Japn Vintage millinery supply

Style 1283

Silk Leaf Made in Japan Vintage millinery supply

Style 2974

Velvet Ivy Leaf millinery supply

Style 2976

Velvet leaf spray with velvet buds millinery supply

Style 128

Silk Rose Leaf Spray for trim

Style 122

Satin Rose Leaf Spray hat trim

Style 2975

Velvet Leaf Spray  millinery supply

Style 13

Pearlized Vintage Leaf from Gremany 86455/6 hat trim

Style 14

Vintage German Velvet Leaf 82327 hat trim

Style 15

Vintage German Velvet Leaf with berry 80030-5 hat trim

Style 19

Vintage German Phloxed Ivy Leaf  64216 home d

Style 21

Vintage German Perlized Ivy Leaf  60578/4 home d

Style 22

Vintage German Silk Rose Leaf Spray  60567/4 hat trim

Style 23

Phloxed Vintage German Rose Leaf Spray  60501/6 hat trim

Style 137

Hyacinth Spray Vintage from Japan home d

Style 752

Mini Poppy Cluster Made in Germany Vintage home d

Style 692

Baby Orchid by 4 Made in Japan for gift imdustry

Style 3430

Large Silk Rose dress mnufactor's dream

Style 3036

Black & White Houndstooth for millinery

Style 3037

Course Weave Gold Fabric Wild Rose floral trim

Style 127

Velvet Rose Leaf Spray hat trim

Style 3428

Large Velvet Leaf millinery supply trim

Style 3429

Large Velvet Magnolia Leaf millinery supply trim

Style 3425

Velvet Blossom by 6 millinery supply or hair accessory

Style 3427

Velvet & Silk Blossom by 6  hat trim

Style 20

Style 87148 Velvet German Ivy Leaves Vintage home d

Style 24

Style 87063/6 Velvet Greman Leaf by 6 Vintage hat trim

Style 697

Blossom By 6 Made in Germany Vintage hat trim

Style 2079

Orchid Made in Czechoslovakia Vintage millinery supply

Style 2036

Narcissus Cluster Silk,Organdy, Velvet Vintage hat trim

Style 74

13396 Vintage Current Branch

Style 3432

Large Silk & Velvet Rose with tubing flower pin accessory

Style 3431

Flower with Feathers hat trim

Style 3433

Silk & Brocaded material Rose & buds  mother of the bride flower pin

Style 3434

Silk & Velvet Cococup millinery hat trim

Style 3435

Silk & Velvet Rose dress or hair  trim

Style 3082

Rose Bud Cluster & Ribbon from Thailand  for hair accessory

Style 3081

Orchid from Thailand  for millinery

Style 2877

Mini Rose Buds by 12

Style 2884

Blossom & Berry cluster millinery supply

Style 2353

Bell Flower by 3 millinery supply

Style 3002

Satin & Organdy Blossom floral pin

Style 3094

Rose Buds by 3  hat trim

Style 2934

Velvet Piontsetta floral supply

Style 367

Flat Rose & Bud hat trim

Style 3022

Blossom By 12  millinery supply

Style 3019

Blossom By 12  millinery supply

Style 3008

Blossom By 12  millinery supply

Style 3020

Blossom By 12  millinery supply

Style 3021

Velvet Blossom By 12 hat trim

Style 2776

Berry Spray hat trim

Style 894

Blossom by 6  hat trim

Style 1030

Silk German Rose Leaf Spray, Vintage hat trim

Style 539

Vintage German Wild Rose Branch with Pussy Willows display flower

Style 3633

Silk Rose Petal Wreath 15 inches hat trim or bridal

Style 3441

Phalaenopsis Orchid Wreath by 7 with buds & tubing  hat trim or bridal bouquet

Style 3440

Cymbidium Orchid Wreath by 4  flower pin or bridal

Style 3439

Satin silk, Organdy and Velvet Rose from Thailand  hat trim

Style 3438

Flat Rose with crinkled center from Thailand dress trim

Style 3436

Silk Rose hat  or dress trim

Style 26

Stenciled  Vintage German Leaf millinery supply

Style 27

Stenciled  Vintage German Leaf millinery supply

Style 28

Silk Vintage German Rose Leaves millinery supply

Style 31

Stenciled German Ivy Leaf hat trim

Style 462

Small Bellflower with grass spray,Vintage German display

Style 755

Vintage German Mini Hydrangea spray by 3 home d

Style 1518

Vintage Silk German Violet Leaf Spray millinery supply

Style 2604

Double Sided Silk Vintage German Rose Leaf Spray  hat trim

Style 1181

German Rose Leaf Spray, Vintage hat trim

Style 2180

Blossom Spray  millinery supply trim

Style 897

Violet & Blossom cluster dress manufactor trim

Style 2094

Cherry Blossom by 2 accessory trim

Style 2152

Miniture Tulip by 4 display

Style 2154

Miniture Bell Flower cluster display

Style 2156

Cotton Morning Glory cluster by 6 dress trim

Style 2104

Mimi Carnation hat trim

Style 2173

Christmas Rose by 2 millinery supply trim

Style 3442

Blossom With Feathers hat trim or wedding flower

Style 797

Tradescantia Leaf spray (German) hat trim

Style 139

Pointed Leaf Spray vintage hat trim

Style 3262

Vintage Japan Leaf hat trim

Style 2734

Sweet Pea

Style 45

Stenciled Silk Vintage German Leaf hat trim

Style 2704

Silk Rose

Style 3376

Silk double petal Camellia

Style 3447

Crepe Silk Rose Leaf Spray

Style 3443

Rose with Lace  6 1/2 inches

Style 636

Long Stem Crepe Silk Rose, Can be made into a broach

Style 33

Velvet vintage leaf & berry from Japan style #9275

Style 34

Silk Greman Rose Leaf 87596/4

Style 36

Striped Gardenia Leaf

Style 942

Vintage Rose leaf twig

Style 37

Vintage Rose Leaf Twig #9609

Style 38

Vintage Rose Leaf Twig 9610

Style 39

Vintage Small Daisy Spray #9007

Style 2800

Satin like Silk Open Rose

Style 3113

Ivy Leaf Branch

Style 126

Vintage Velvet Leaf Spray from Japan

Style 571

Vintage Velvet Leaf Spray from Japan

Style 500

Vintage Velvet Leaf Spray from Japan

Style 1002

Large Velvet Vintage Leaf Spray from Japan

Style 41

Style 8177 Vintage Pointed Leaf made in Czecho-Slovakia

Style 42

Satin & Organdy small Bridal Rose

Style 554

Margurite Leaf Satin made in Germany

Style 874

Cherry Blossom Twig

Style 1415

Vintage Rose Bud spray by 6 with buds

Style 43

Style 15126 Vintage Silk German Rose Leaf

Style 2137

Vintage German Orchid

Style 2113


Style 2114


Style 977

Small Daisy

Style 2593

Cornflower by 12

Style 2598

Cherry Blossom by 4 with buds

Style 975

Primrose Silk Spray from Germany

Style 1500

Marguerite spray from Germany

Style 199

Gold Lame Grape Leaf Spray

Style 200

Long Tulip Leaf from Japan

Style 646

Satin Rose Leaf Spray Vintage Japan

Style 714

Daisy Leaf Made In Japan

Style 2981

Silk Rose

Style 549

Satin White Rose Leaf Spray

Style 1185

Imitation Leather Daisy Vintage German

Style 83

4911 Vintage Strawberry

Style 2437

Large German Promrose Leaf

Style 134

Vintage German Shaded Primrose Leaf

Style 264

Chrysanthemum and Bud

Style 396

Lily of The Valley Silk Flowers

Style 75

142450  Vintage Glass Current Spray

Style 77

17680 Vintage Bing Cherry Spray

Style 1607

Dandelion Puff Spray

Style 3087

Organdy & Peps Blossom by 10 with tubing

Style 46

65112 Vintage Shaded Large Rose Leaf

Style 47

65600 Vintage German Silk Rose Leaf

Style 187

Vintage Shaded Leaf

Style 48

15115 Vintage German Rose Leaf

Style 49

86959/6 Vintage Shaded & Striped Leaf Spray

Style 1025

Speckled & Striped Vintage Rose Leaf spray

Style 242

Daisy Leaf by 3   D-242

Style 50

87640/6 Double sided German Rose Leaf Spray

Style 55

02319/3 Stenciled & Brushed Vintage Leaf

Style 56

5571/6 Brushed Japan Rose Leaf Spray

Style 57

88124/3 Stenciled Vintage Leaf Spray

Style 2826

Lilac Spray

Style 59

65565 Silk Stenciled Leaf Spray

Style 60

Chrysanthemum Leaf made in the USA

Style 2700

Sweet Pea

Style 657

Sweet Pea Blossom by 3

Style 1563

Sweet Pea Branch

Style 525

Sweet Pea

Style 3445

Silk and Organdy Mum

Style 2769

Silk Rose

Style 2980

Silk & Velvet Rose & Bud

Style 2779

Latex Rosebud Cluster by 12

Style 2849

Mini Lily Blossom by 3 and Bud

Style 2850

Blossom spray on tubing

Style 2851

Small Silk Rose by 2 with Bud

Style 2852

Silk Blossom by 3

Style 3448

Summer Blossom by 5 Satin

Style 3449

Summer Blossom by 6 Organdy

Style 3450

Hanging Sweet Pea on Tubing

Style 102

Field Flower Spray Made in Japan

Style 2875

Berry Spray

Style 3451

Rose with Stones in center

Style 3452

Rose with Peps in center

Style 431

Tangerine Blossom

Style 1538

Tangerine Blossom

Style 2374


Style 2630


Style 9219

Velvet Vintage Leaf Spray

Style 1536

Small Blossom Spray

Style 1615

Small Bellflower

Style 2774

Small Mixed Fruit Cluster

Style 2775

Medium Mixed Fruit Cluster

Style 2819

Fruit Cluster

Style 2868

Berry & Mini Pine Cone Spray

Style 2869

Mini Apple Cluster

Style 3095

Pine Cone & Berry Spray

Style 3156

Pine Cone & Pine Needles

Style 3157

Pine Cones and 7 Berries

Style 3453

Small Maragold head

Style 3454

Large Marigold  Head

Style 709

Velvet Pansy

Style 2528

Blossom Spray

Style 2904

Cluster of Blossoms and Forget Me Nots

Style 2901

Cluster of Flowers and Forget Me Nots

Style 2902

Cluster of Daisy and Berries

Style 2903

Cluster of Mushrooms

Style 2105

Mini Carnation bunch by 12

Style 9999

Picture of factory about 1920s

Style 9998

Picture from factory early 1900's

Style 3456

Lily by 2 double petal for Bridal &  Millinery

Style 2978

Daisy by 5

Style 3455

Rose with 4 velvet petals

Style 2922

Small Aster

Style 2973

26 inch Wreath

Style 3457

Velvet Pepper Leaf Spray

Style 2153

Velvet Nasturtium

Style 2785

Small Rose Spray

Style 460

Camellia and Bud

Style 1598

Small Bud Branch

Style 701

Single Maple Leaf

Style 3046

Course weave Rose Bud

Style 434

Small Rose & Bud

Style 226

Style #  D-226 Dahlia by 3 with Buds

Style 593

Shasta Daisy

Style 1567


Style 550


Style 449


Style 2936

Magnolia by 2 & Pussy Willow

Style 2594

Heather by 12

Style 2027

Mini camillia

Style 2026

Rose Spray

Style 2025

Rose Spray

Style 1876

Vintage Rose Leaf Spray

Style 2841


Style 2317


Style 1549


Style 2943

Poppy by 2 and Buds

Style 2580

Wild Flower

Style 898

Filler Flower Blossoms

Style 3015

Fruit Cluster

Style 3014

Fruit Cluster

Style 2612

Hawthorn Berry Cluster

Style 2613

Hawthorn Berry Branch by 2

Style 1627

Mint Tulip or Poppy

Style 2183

Plum Blossom

Style 2671

Globe Thistle

Style 2323

Cotton Rose

Style 2279


Style 1542


Style 2838


Style 1543


Style 757

Vintage Silk Rose from Germany

Style 758

Vintage Velvet Camillia from Gremany

Style 1569

Vintage Poppy from Germany

Style 493

Vintage Gerbera Daisy made in Germany

Style 794

Vintage Columbine made in Germany

Style 2476

Wild Rose branch

Style 2557

Curly Spider Mum & Bud

Style 2558

Blossoms & Buds on branch

Style 2614

Raspberry Branch

Style 2782

Rose bud by 4 & 2 Buds

Style 2835

Blossom by 5 with Buds

Style 2781

Wild Rose by 2 & 2 Buds

Style 2834

Blossom by 6 & 3 Buds

Style 103

Vintage German Berry Spray

Style 2202

Thai silk Round Balls by 5

Style 2203

Thai Silk Pointed Rain Drop Buds by 5

Style 2271

Thai Silk Rain Drop Silk Buds by 5

Style 2272

Thai Silk Rosette Buds by 5 on 28 inch stem

Style 2275

Thai Silk single Lotus Bud

Style 66

6385-x Vintage Gooseberry Bunch

Style 67

6385 Vintage  Gooseberry on Tubing

Style 68

6408 Vintage Berry by 6 on tubing

Style 69

6386 Vintage Sugar Strawberry on Tubing

Style 70

6381 Vintage Marbled Berry on Tubing

Style 71

6156 Vintage Small Current on Tubing

Style 72

4957 Vintage Glass Rasin

Style 73

4800 Vintage Powdered Fruit Cluster

Style 76

17497 Vintage Cherry Cluster

Style 78

17695 Vintage Glass Currant on Tubing

Style 79

18863-A  Vintage Currant Spray

Style 80

20572 Vintage Mixed Berry Spray

Style 81

80037/5 Vintage Currant on Tubing Spray

Style 82

80113/5 Vintage Current Spray

Style 85

18031 Vintage Cherry Spray

Style 311

311-F Vintage Pointed Berry Stray

Style 392

392-F Vintage Pointed Berry Spray

Style 823

823-F Vintage Cherry Spray

Style 835

835 Vintage Cherry Wreath

Style 1033

1033 Vintage Cherry Spray

Style 232

232 Lacquered Leaf & Berry Spray

Style 1343

1343 Vintage Berry Spray

Style 1532

Strawberry Branch

Style 2308

Srawberry Cluster

Style 2610

Onion Cluster

Style 2694

Peach Branch - latex

Style 2811

Grape Cluster - latex

Style 2989

Strawberry Branch

Style 156

Small Flowers

Style 157

Small Flowers

Style 158

Small Flowers

Style 159

Small Flowers

Style 160

Small Flowers

Style 161

Small Flowers

Style 162

Small Flowers

Style 2566

Silk Camellia

Style 2675

Silk Dahlia

Style 3458

Rose Leaf Spray

Style 16

Small Velvet Vintage German Leaf 86523-12

Style 124

Velvet Leaf Spray hat trim

Style 143

Bridal Leaf with pearl Made in Japan

Style 154

Dahlia by 3 & buds on Tubing Made in Japan Vintage

Style 409

Velvet & Organdy geranium by 6 Made in Japan hat trim

Style 3392

Metallic Flower dress manufactuers

Style 1881

Large Leaf spray

Style 3183

Velvet Blossom