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Charles Lubin Company, Inc. is constantly adding new styles to its extensive collection of fine quality silk flowers in the current season's popular fashion colors. This page will be updated as new designs or fashion items are added. Please check it regularly. Most items on this page are in stock for immediate delivery, other items are currently in production for the coming season. For the fashion industry we try to work one to two seasons in advance. This gives us time to make special colors or alterations to the style for individual manufacturers, including item protection from their competitors.

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Style 3064

Five Seed Stems for home d

Style 3065

Three Stems of Pineapple Shaped Pods for home d

Style 3066

Blossom & Split Bud display flower display flower

Style 3071

Seed & Grass Branch By 3 for display

Style 3109

Butterflies floral trim

Style 289

Camellia & Bud  --  Handcrafted in Japan

Style 331

Lily  --  Vintage Flower hand made in Germany home d

Style 335

Fuchia and Grass -- European Handmade interior design

Style 361

Hybiscus --  Handcrafted home d

Style 386

Spider Orchid home d

Style 455

Silk Double Petal Parrot Tulip  --individually wired stem home d

Style 467

Iris By 2 & Grass  --natural looking German made for display

Style 469

German Zinnia jhome d

Style 480

Aster Spray by 4 & Buds -- handcrafted in Czechoslovakia  for display

Style 489

Camellia & Bud  --  Handcrafted in Czechoslovakia for hat trim

Style 490

Aster by 2 hat trim

Style 504

Silk Dhalia -- old world handcrafted millinery supply

Style 542

Hops -- natural looking textile handmade for home d

Style 574

Silk Rose Mallow  --  Made in Germany for home d

Style 583

Dahlia -- handcrafted to look real in Germany home d

Style 621

Alstomeria , with wired double silk petals hat trim

Style 626

Large Cosmos German Made home interior

Style 632

Clivia -- pure silk crafted in Germany hat rim

Style 688

Fritillaria by 2 with double petals

Style 706

Tulipa Conuta for home d

Style 734

Large Silk Protea hat trim

Style 737

Silk Grevilla for hat trim

Style 783

Lily -- large silk old world crated interior design

Style 899

Double Petal Hibiscus -- large petals wired for tasteful shaping for home d

Style 922

Small Lily by 3  -- real silk home d

Style 997

Double Petal Silk Iris  -- handcrafted in Germany for a finer, more artistic appearance

Style 998

Freesia -- natural looking crafted in Germany for interior design

Style 999

Double Petal Silk Tulip -- nature or handmade in Germany for home d

Style 1203

Peony -- second best only to mother nature handcrafted in Germany home d

Style 1331

Parrot Tulip -- You'll need to feel it to tell they are not real home d

Style 1401

Double Petal Silk & Cotton Tulip -- finest European handmade home d

Style 1571

Clematis By 2 -- European handmade home d

Style 1576

Crocus by 3 -- handcrafted in Germany for home d

Style 1577

Double Petal Silk Iris -- real silk crafted in Germany interior design

Style 1578

Lotus Flower -- handcrafted in Germany for interior design

Style 1580

Silk Double Petal Hibiscus Blossom millinery supply

Style 1582

Magnolia -- fine European hand mades millinery supply

Style 1630

Silk Ranunculus  -- finest European  quality silk hat trim

Style 2068

Anemone -- old world crafted in Czechoslovakia millinery supply

Style 2075

Zinnia  --  Handcrafted in Czechoslovakia millinery supply

Style 2109

Large Fuchsia German Made millinery supply

Style 2116

Large Lilac  -- Handcrafted in Czechoslovakia millinery supply

Style 2159

Magnolia -- fine European hand mades millinery supply

Style 2214

Silk Poppy -- Large silk crafted in Germany hat trim

Style 2222

Geranium millinery supply

Style 2225

Silk Double Petal Iris & Bud millinery supply

Style 2232

Trumpet Flower By 3 and Bud millinery supply

Style 2247

Lily by 3 & Bud -- Real silk crafted by hand in Germany millinery supply

Style 2248

Pussywillow -- handcrafted in Germany interior design

Style 2280

Double Petal silk Orchid --  German crafted hat trim

Style 2357

Hibiscus -- crafted in Germany millinery supply

Style 2378

Pep Spray hat trim

Style 2400

Double Pettal Silk Lily millinery supply

Style 2422

Orchid by 5 millinery supply

Style 2424

Fuschia millinery supply

Style 2439

Peony  interior design

Style 2432

Freesia -- natural looking crafted in Germany for interior design

Style 2531

Giant Antherium interior design

Style 2534

Siamese Lady Slipper interior design

Style 2746

Large Tulip eith double stenciled petals and leaves home d

Style 2750

Poppy Branch interior design

Style 2930

Mini Sunflower home d

Style 2935

Anemone  millinery supply

Style 2937

Magnolia with Bud and Leaves interior design

Style 2944

Himalya Thistle Branch interior design

Style 2947

Desert Thistle by 3 interior design

Style 2715

Silk Poppy with 2 buds  From Thailand millinery supply

Style 2716

Silk Iris   From Thailand  millinery supply

Style 2780

Berry Stalks with Grass display

Style 344

Magnolia  Double petal  interior design

Style 385

Curley Protea  Made in Thailand home d

Style 2530

Ginger interior design

Style 2533

Pavonia  Made in Thailand millinery supply

Style 2723

Foxglove millinery supply

Style 2967

Berry Branch by 6 suitable for home furnishing and home d

Style 2983

Forsythia for the floral and gift vendor

Style 464

Azalea made in Czechoslovakia home d

Style 2067

Hibiscus   Handcrafted in Czechoslovakia  millinery supply

Style 2235

Lily by 3 & buds Made in Germany vintage artifical flower millinery supply

Style 2257

Amemone  Handcrafted in Czechoslovakia display flower millinery supply

Style 2259

Small Tulip Made in Chechoslovakia interior design

Style 2440

Nasturtium by 2 with buds made in Chechoslosvakia home d

Style 2945

March Bell Flower Branch interior design

Style 1

Fruit loose by the gross Made in Gremany for accessories

Style 2

Fruit loose by the gross Made in Grermany

Style 2966

Mini Stock with Grass interior design

Style 3010

Snapdragon for interior design

Style 3139

Snapdragon for interior design

Style 2721

2721 Large Sunflower interior design

Style 2722

2722 Giant Sunflower interior design

Style 2711

Silk Gerber Daisy   From Thailand  hat trim

Style 2498

Cornflower by 3 German Vintage home d

Style 788

Long Stem German Poppy   display flower

Style 957

Cornflower by 3 & bud hat trim

Style 685

Large Clematis - Made in Japan

Style 302


Style 1585

Pond Lily from Germany

Style 40

Style 806

Cherry Blossom

Style 453

Vintage Mum

Style 2366

Freesia by 4 with 2 buds

Style 420

German Silk Brich Leaf Branch

Style 422

German Burgundy Shaded Maple Leaf

Style 474

German Silk Rose Leaf Branch

Style 730

German Philodendron Leaf Branch

Style 778

Silk German Poppy Leaf Branch

Style 981

Stenciled Leaf Branch German

Style 2136

German Silk Geranium Leaf Branch

Style 2146

German Stenciled Maranta Leaf Branch

Style 2321

Chrysanthemum Leaf Spray

Style 2337

Ivy Leaf Branch

Style 2311

Mum Leaf Branch

Style 2340

Leaf Branch

Style 2342

Leaf Branch

Style 2347

Coleus Leaf Clump

Style 2350

Caladium Leaf Clump

Style 303

Crocus  made in Germany

Style 1387

Satin Cosmos

Style 827

Long Leaf Branch

Style 97

Long Leaf Branch

Style 96

Small Long Leaf Branch

Style 2427

Bamboo Leaf Branch

Style 796

Large German Rose Leaf Branch

Style 403

Round Blossoms on Long Stems

Style 2759

Marigold by 2 with Bud

Style 2687

Berry Branch

Style 2289

Berry Branch

Style 1624

Cherry Blossom

Style 2673

Silk Dahlia

Style 2833

Silk Daisy & Bud

Style 2413

Daisy Branch with Buds

Style 2471

Cattail Blossom with Grass

Style 1502

Silk Cherry Blossom Branch

Style 2537

14 inch long Pep branch

Style 2623

14 inch long blossom branch

Style 1618

Bud Spray

Style 2961


Style 2322


Style 1597

Long Bud Spray

Style 1544

Buttercup Spray

Style 528

Holly Hock

Style 1546

Leaf and Bud Stalk

Style 2456

Tiny Hyacinth Blossom Branch

Style 2933

Poppy by 2 and Buds

Style 2758

Spike by 3 with Grass

Style 2646

Mini Queen Anns Lace

Style 1548


Style 2579

Yucca Hung on strings

Style 2431

Rhododendron made in Germany

Style 1534

Blossom Branch  interior design

Style 1535

Blossom Branch  interior design

Style 2223

Large Ameryllis by 3 & Bud

Style 2224


Style 2233

Large Trumpet Lily & Bud

Style 2428

Easter Lily by 2 & Bud